Why are we Green Parrot Software Development? Well, we’re definitely nerds so there is the software development angle.

But we are also fans of Jimmy Buffet. Many of Jimmy’s fans are called “Parrot Heads”, coined by Timothy B. Schmidt in the ’80’s when he was playing with the Coral Reefer Band (he eventually left and went back to the Eagles).


Buffet fans often wear colorful hawaiian shirts and wild hats and at that particular concert in 1985 there were many “parrot head” hats in the audience. If you have not been to a Jimmy Buffett concert, you should. You really, really should.

So when our business was formed we wanted a name that would identify with our laid back mindset. Green Parrot Software Development says it all: we are software developers that work hard and we play hard too, just like Jimmy.

Michael Wermers, Founder, Green Parrot Software Development