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5 Tips on How To Choose
The Right Solutions Provider

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3. Question technology.

Unless you're looking to create a new niche in the market or revolutionize an industry, watching the bottom line means wisely using proven technology. Looking for the best custom software solution to fit your needs can seem like a daunting task but with a knowledgeable solutions provider, it can be less intimidating.

Even if you know what you want, a solutions provider can validate that it’s the right choice. Can the proposed solution be accomplished? Is the proposed technology mature enough for your specific market? Can integrated components really work together? Is it scaleable? These are serious questions that need to be answered by knowledgeable people with your companies best interest in mind.

What to Expect: A good solutions provider will take some time to understand your overall business strategy, workflow and legacy systems, as well as confirm software vendor claims before validating or proposing the best solution for the project. Beware: some solutions providers have strategic partnerships with technology vendors. This can only be advantageous to you if you actually want their products. What you can expect in the proposal is a timeframe for this discovery phase as well an overview and estimated cost of the production process including production environment, testing, and integration procedures.

Review the proposal and take some time to get to know the potential solutions provider. You are hiring them because they are the technology experts. Ask questions, as it is essential that you feel comfortable with their methodology and expertise. Although no one will care about your company more than you will, a good solutions provider should come close. Success of the project means a referencable client as well as possible repeat business.

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