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5 Tips on How To Choose
The Right Solutions Provider

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2. Identify resources.

Identify, in advance, any internal project resources that will work with the solutions provider, such as project manager/day-to-day contact, IT engineer, and key decision-makers. Although you’re looking to a solutions provider to, well, provide solutions, it cannot be accomplished in a vacuum. During the course of the project issues will arise that need to be addressed immediately. Time and money will be wasted if no one knows where to get the answers.

What to Expect: A good solutions provider will submit a proposed roles and responsibilities list of resources outlining expertise of each individual and time allocation needed for your project. Although solutions providers often do not assign individuals to a project until contracts are fully signed and executed, you should still know what kind of talent will be dedicated to your project.

Review the proposed roles and responsibilities to make sure all needs will be met by the solutions provider and your internal staff. Raising questions before signing a contract will help manage everyone’s expectations and the bottom line.

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