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5 Tips on How To Choose
The Right Solutions Provider

Let’s face it, mistakes cost money. Choosing the right solutions provider is a weighty decision that can affect your bottom line and mistakes can very quickly sever a valuable business relationship. Proper customer care in the form of clear communication, managed expectations, and on-time/ on-budget implementation is crucial.
In the vast sea of solution providers jockeying for your business how do you find the perfect partner match?

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1. Understand the scope of work.

What are you looking for the solutions provider to accomplish? A simple upgrade or a complete strategy plan to design and implement a new business initiative? Changes in scope can bring a project to a screeching halt while everyone involved regroups. Understand the potential scope of work and communicate your needs clearly in your Request For Proposal (RFP).

What to Expect: A good solutions provider will ask clarifying questions to gain a complete understanding of the project scope. Based on the RFP and subsequent conversations, the proposal you receive should have a complete project overview as understood by the solutions provider.

Review the proposed project overview carefully. Getting it right here is a good sign the solutions provider understands your project needs. It’s also the first step to managing your ROI.

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